Who ARE You?


In dealing with recent losses, I stumbled across a cathartic, rooted art form that is helping me reconnect with my true nature. Meekah Sage, local artist and wild woman, came up with the concept that she refers to as self-love flags. These panels embody her archetypes as a woman and human. They also function as an affirmation of what she hopes to achieve and who she is at the core.

Thus far, I have journaled a bit about the “characters” I project, the roles I play, and my real nature. In making my self-love flags, I left out the roles I took on because of societal or personal pressures and dysfunctions. I rather chose to focus on deep memory of the qualities I was gifted at birth. 

Here is my archetype list:

  1. The Healer
  2. The Empath
  3. The Poet
  4. The Traveler
  5. The Shapeshifter
  6. The Wild Woman
  7. The Lover

Creating each panel will be fun and healing.

If you created a list of your archetypes, what would they be?

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