About Aleah

DSC_0192I am passionate about writing, wandering, and wild places. I enjoy the company of birds, coyotes, and cacti. I love laughing, observing, and telling stories. I am committed to living on less (money, stuff, clutter).

I have always been drawn to the spirit of the land, the latent voice that tells its story in stones, moving water, leaves, earth, other animals… I have been a student of what some may call insignificant.

I have come to the conclusion that living fully is not for those afraid of looking closely at death. I am drawn to the murk, the musty cellar, bones, and root. They are my muses.

This journal is a place to explore the world surrounding and supporting this fragile body of mine, and to share the stories I unearth along the way.


7 thoughts on “About Aleah

  1. I completely understand the love of peace, wilderness and animals. Though when you said you don’t like two-legged I kept picturing the scene from ‘Animal Farm’ –“Four legs better than two legs.”


  2. Hello Aleah! Thank you for your words and images. I loved them so, as it was an intriguing revelation of your heart. I almost felt as if I were reading my own muses and reflections. I also love reading on your hiking adventures in Arizona. I miss exploring there. The beauty I found in solitude there I will never forget. I love your heart. It shines bright in your words and images.


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